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  • 'Recommendation Systems as Technologies of the Self: Algorithmic Control and the Formation of Music Taste'

    Research article on recommendation algorithms and music taste on Conducted together with Idil Galip and Nedim Karakayli during my time in Bilkent University. Published in Theory, Culture & Society.

  • ‘The City of Sages’ and the ‘Life of Virtue’: Foucault and the Politics of Self-Cultivation in the Spartan Ideal'

    Research article on Foucault’s engagement with Ancient and especially Cynic philosophy. Published as part of a special issue on Self Cultivation at Pli: the Warwick Journal of Philosophy.

Book Reviews & Other Writing


  • Capital, Exit Stage Left? A review of, Mezzadra, Sandro, and Brett Neilson. 2019. The Politics of Operations: Excavating Contemporary Capitalism. Durham: Duke University Press Books.

    • Forthcoming in Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies.​

  • You can read my comprehensive exam text on Marxism, economy & causation, and technology, infrastructure & media here.

  • Sensate sovereignty : A dialogue on Dylan Robinson's hungry listening

    • Collaborative review for AModern with Sadie Couture, Jonathan Sterne, Mehak Sawhney, Shirley Roburn, Andy Kelleher Stuhl,Hannah Tollefson, Randolph Jordan, Landon Morrison, Allyson Rogers, Michael Nardone.

  • Kumdan Kaleler: Dubai ve Uluslararası Ticaretin Akışkan Zeminleri (Castles of Sand: Dubai and the Liquid Foundations of International Trade)

  • Book Review: Tamara Caraus and Elena Paris (eds), Re-Grounding Cosmopolitanism: Towards a Post-Foundational Cosmopolitanism

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