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Conference Talks, Workshops & Podcasts

  • “We Are Muffled Voices: The Islamic Call to Prayer and the Politics of Disruption in Turkey”

    •  Presented at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, March 2021.

  • “Beyond Abundance: Infrastructure, Nationalism, & Flow at the Beauharnois Hydroelectric Station”,  

    • This was a research creation project in collaboration with Jordan Kinder, Hannah Tollefson and Ayesha Vemuri, for the Energy In/Out of Place A Virtual Energy Humanities Research-Creation Workshop, June 2020. - . Materials from the conference are being published in an artist book by the Western Virginia University Press.

  • After Oil School 2: Solarities 

    • Attended the summer workshop After Oil School 2: Solarities organized by the Petrocultures Research Group at the University of Alberta. I was part of the Feminist Solarities panel organized by Sheena Wilson and Jessie Beier, May 2019. 

  • “Liveliness as  Productivity: Biophilic Design and Atmospheric Control”

    • Presented with Robin Lynch at the Sensing Media conference, organized by the Department of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago, May 2018.

  • “The Elemental Media of Islanding and Porting”

    • Porting Media II, GEM LAB, University of Concordia, November 2017.

  • Culture and Technology Discussion and Working Group (CATDAWG) 

    • Since 2018 I have helped facilitate and coordinate the activities of the Culture and Technology Discussion and Working Group (CATDAWG) (PI: Jonathan Sterne).  

  • Containment and Intimacy 

    • I was on the organizing committee for Containment and Intimacy a conference put together by graduate students from the Art History, East Asian Studies and Communication Studies departments. Unfortunately, the conference, due to take place in April 2020, was cancelled due to travel restrictions under the coronavirus. The conference website and abstracts are available via  

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